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Curtin University
Curtin Engineers Club

News for 2012

Newsletter #02

Thomas Walkemeyer, Treasurer : June 4, 2012

BotL 3 Week 2

Networking Forum Week 3

Quiz Night Week 5

Dark Zone TFW


Footy Week 10

BotL 4 Week 12

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Newsletter #01

Thomas Walkemeyer, Treasurer : March 27, 2012

Coming up, CEC vs CCC cricket on 4/4 Mid-Semester Paintball on 10/4 Soccer on 27/4 Beers on the Lawn 2 on 11/5

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Thomas Walkemeyer, Treasurer : Feb. 22, 2012

Great start to memberships today at O'Day. We'll be seeing all the 1st years again tomorrow for their course orientation. We'll have free sign-ups for 1st year Engineering students again this year for tomorrow only so make sure you come down.

Our first real event of the ...

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