An Eventful 30 Years


The Curtin Engineers Club (CEC) was founded in the late eighties as a social club for engineering students at Curtin. We hold regular social events including Beers on the Lawn, Pub Crawls and the largest ball at Curtin – the Ignite Ball.

The Curtin Engineers Club remains as one of the last clubs that encompasses all engineering specialties, serving as a unique, inclusive environment for social interaction between all engineering students. The CEC endeavours to host a balanced array of social and professional networking events aimed at assisting engineering students from all disciplines to attain the most out of their university experience.

The CEC is the principal representative body for engineering students on campus and has been successfully running since 1989 . CEC organises technical and social events annually, focusing on relevant technologies and current political views, as well as developing professional skills and networking. We aim to create a seamless community within the Curtin Engineering department and facilitate an environment and community in which students can explore their technical interests. Opportunities are also provided to students to improve their social networking and leadership skills through participation in events and volunteering with the club itself.